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Another YouTube Video

Here’s a funny video:

Silver Coin Pictures

Here are some silver coins I collect. (pictures)

Coin Collecting

Dear Readers,
I started coin collecting when my sister found a 1939 wheat penny.
I thought it was very cool how you could find such old coins in just rolls of pennies. I now collect foreign coins, silver, wheat pennies, gold, dimes, quarters, and nickels.
I also go to the local Mc’Brides coin shop to buy and sell coins.
So start you own collection with a couple of simple rolls of pennies and look out for the wheaties (wheat pennies) which are 1909-1958. If you find a penny before 1909 you are very lucky.

Hi everybody

Hi everybody. Long time, no see

Pro Bowl Winner!!

Nfc wins 55-41

Pro Bowl

The pro bowl is today!!!!!!!!!!

Green Hornet

Has anyone watched the Green Hornet?

i downloaded this. it is so COOL!!!!